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191528 / JBL-308P-MKII

Množství na skladu:2 pcs. stav ze dne: 2021-04-15 08:20:29
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Maciej Małczak, tel. +42 0234261768,
email: ics@musicsquare.cz


The next-generation JBL 308P MkII powered studio monitor makes legendary JBL performance available to every studio. With the revolutionary JBL Image Control Waveguide and refined transducers, JBL 308P MkII offers stunning detail, precise imaging, a wide sweet spot and impressive dynamic range that enhances the mix capabilities of any modern workspace. Leveraging patented technologies derived from the JBL 7 Series and M2 Master Reference Monitors and sporting a sleek, modern design, JBL 308P MkII delivers outstanding performance and an enjoyable mix experience at an accessible price.


• Patented Image Control Waveguide for detailed imaging and a broad, room-friendly sweet spot
• Next-generation JBL transducers for optimized transient response and improved linearity
• Patented Slip Stream™ low-frequency port for superior bass performance at all playback levels
• Dual integrated, custom Class-D amplifiers provide 112 watts of power for high output and dynamic range
• New Boundary EQ settings compensate for low frequency variants introduced by the environment
• HF Trim switch adjusts high-frequency output to room acoustics or personal preferences
• Flexible connectivity with balanced XLR and 1/4" TRS inputs, +4dBu / -10dBV input-sensitivity switch and adjustable volume control
• Engineered to JBL Linear Spatial Reference design criteria for outstanding accuracy in any working space
• Strenuous JBL 100-hour full-power test ensures years of reliability
• Sleek, modern design provides a visual upgrade to any studio


• Equipment: 8" Woofer and 1" tweeter
• 2-Way Class-D amplifier
• Power: 112 W - 56 W woofer and 56 W treble
• Frequency range: 45 - 20,000 Hz (+/- 3 dB)
• Max. SPL: 112 dB (peak)
• Input sensitivity adjustable +4 dBu / -10 dB
• Boundary EQ
• HF trim switch
• Connections: Line input XLR and 6.3 mm jack balanced
• 15 mm MDF housing
• Dimensions (H x W x D): 419 x 254 x 308 mm
• Weight: 8.1 kg

Technická specifikace:
Basový reproduktor8 "
Výkon zesilovače (RMS)82 W
Maximální SPL112 dB
Frekvenční rozsah od45 Hz
Frekvenční rozsah až20 kHz
Procesor DSPne
Ruční korekce frekvenceano
Analogový XLR vstupano
Vstup analogového jackuano
Analogový RCA vstupne
Hmotnost8.1 kilogram
rozměry419 x 254 x 308 mm

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