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Alpine MusicSafe Classic špunty do uší


Alpine MusicSafe Classic špunty do uší



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131652 / ALPINE-MCS-C

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Adam Kaczarewski, tel. +42 0234261768,
email: [email protected]
Alpine MusicSafe Classic špunty do uší

Alpine MusicSafe Classic
Soft, practical and, most importantly, a hundred percent comfortable.These earplugs contain two different and exchangeable sets of music filters with outstanding sound characteristics with medium and high attenuation rates, which guarantee protection without loosing clarity, while at the same time you can perfectly enjoy the music. The MusicSafe Classic earplugs are produced from a very soft, flexible and durable, that adapts to the shape of the auditory duct. Therefore, MusicSafe Classic is very comfortable to wear.

MusicSafe Classic ® Alpine fulfills CE certificates. The set includes:
• Two sets of changeable acoustic filters,
• One pair of plugs,
• Portable package for plugs, Travelbox,
• Free of charge leash to the Travelbox.

Alpine Ear MusicSafe Classic ® does not cause unpleasant feeling of pressure in the ear canal because they are made of very soft material, this material uses body heat to adapts perfectly to the shape of the ear canal.

Inserting the plugs:
The tube set attached to the set may be helpful to insert the plugs. Put plug into the tube, gently pull up your ear and insert the plug into the ear canal. Slowly spin tube until the plug lies comfortably in your ear.

Alpine Ear Plugs will serve longer if you take care of them. They should be cleaned regularly with warm water and soap.

• Professional Alpine stoppers
• Maximum comfort of use
• Designed specifically for music attenuation
• Three layers of special filters
• Comfortable box as a keyring
• Fulfills CE certificate
• Reusable

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