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Harald Lorenz No.4


Harald Lorenz No.4


Harald Lorenz

Id zboží / Kód:

191228 / HL-NO4-VN4/4

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Harald Lorenz No.4

Harald Lorenz No.4

Akord Kvint company, the producer of exceptional student, concert and master violins, violas and violoncellos, which in January 2009 took over the production programme of ARS Music.
The skill of Akord Kvint’s luthiers and the quality of the material which is used, together with the care we take of their customers have enabled them to sell their instruments in more than 28 countries of the world.

Harald Lorenz instruments are hand-crafted and spirit-varnished by highly skilled luthiers. Besides the master and concert instruments, nice and carefully made violins, violas and cellos originate in close cooperation of a highly qualified staff . Under the leadership of Jan Lorenz, a master luthier, AK produce violins, violas and cellos in small but fine quantities.

Violins and violas are normally equipped by two black adjusters and Thomastik Dominant strings, model Nr 4 has Teka chinrest, models Nos 6 and 8 the Guameri one. Instruments are provided in all sizes.
Violin (4/4) and viola sets are equiped by nice rectangular cases with hygrometer and Thomastic Dominant strings, brasil Saldo bow and Pirastro rosin. Violin sets ¾ - ¼ come in a shaped case.


• Model: Stradivari
• Construction: solid
• Wood: fired Bosnian maple
• Headstock: alpine spruce
• Color: shaded brown
• Contours: ebony
• Pins: Swiss model
• Tailpiece: Ultra Wittner
• Stand: Teller no. 46
• Strings: Thomastik Dominant
• Made in the Czech Republic

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