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Joyo CM-24


Joyo CM-24



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179482 / JOYO-CM24

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Marcin Zdziabek, tel. +42 0234261768,
email: [email protected]
Joyo CM-24

Joyo CM-24

OYO’s CM24 daisy chain cables can be used to supply power to more than one guitar effect pedal, removes the need for 5 x 9v power supplies using the same polarity. All the plugs of these series have undergone pure copper electroplating treatment and the core of the power cable is a pure copper conductor and will fit most guitar effect pedals requiring a 5.5mm jack.
These cables are suitable for heavy current or low current effect pedals. Just make sure that your main supply has enough Mah to power the pedals you attach.. A 9v DC supply operating at 1000mah, will power 5 x 200mah pedals, a simple calculation.
Connect your main supply to the female and let electricity do the rest..


• Model:- CM24
• Material:- Pure Copper Core, Brass Nickel plated DC plugs for better conductivity
• Type: 1 female and 5 male plugs (Male plugs are right angled tuning fork plugs to fit tightly and prevent short circuits
• Colour:- Black (High Quality PVC Casing with 3mm diameter)
• DC female straight plug:- inner ring: 5.5mm ; inner needle: 2.1mm
• Colour: Black(high quality PVC casing, diameter of casing: 3mm)
• Length: total length: 750mm, length between the 2 jack plugs: 150mm

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