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Dirty Rigger Venta-Cool Summer M


Dirty Rigger Venta-Cool Summer M


Dirty Rigger

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168444 / DIRTY-VENTA-M

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Dirty Rigger Venta-Cool Summer M

Dirty Rigger Venta-Cool Summer

Hand cooling airflow is maximised through low-contact areas on the back of the glove. High ventilation materials encourage air to refresh your hands as you move, drawing heat away from the core. Optimum durability is retained on the palm-side where a synthetic leather base expels sweat through micro perforations and a second articulated layer with double-stitched seams support resistance to abrasions.

• 80% more airflow than regular Dirty Rigger gloves
• High ventilation glove back
• Optimum durability on palm and key wear areas
• Double-stitched seams
• Write-on ID tag

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