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Yamaha HW680W bicí sada se stojany


Yamaha HW680W bicí sada se stojany



Id zboží / Kód:

154517 / Y-HW-680W

Množství na skladu:1 set stav ze dne: 2020-12-01 09:20:25
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Yamaha HW680W bicí sada se stojany

Yamaha HW680W

All stand legs in this set feature exceptionally stable double-braced construction. The hardware itself may be lightweight, but with a chain-type foot pedal and other solid features this hardware will stand up to heavy rock drumming.


• 2 CS-665A boom cymbal stands allow flexible placement of ride and crash cymbals
• SS-650WA snare stand holds your snare securely for worry-free performance
• FP-7210A footpedal has an uncomplicated single-chain design and offers beater-angle adjustment
• HS-650WA hi-hat stand is responsive, solid, and supports your hats safely
• Bright chrome finishes are durable and have genuine stage appeal

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