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Neotech 8201262 Slimline Strap, kytarový popruh


Neotech 8201262 Slimline Strap, kytarový popruh



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137893 / NEOTECH-8201262

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Neotech 8201262 Slimline Strap, kytarový popruh

Neotech 8201262

The Slimline Strap is wide and available in several connection options and many materials so there’s the perfect look and style for everyone.
Each of these materials is combined with the comfort of high-tech memory foam for a truly unique look and feel. This enables the strap to comfortably conform to your neck and shoulders. The antimicrobial material pulls away moisture which easily dissipates while keeping you cool.
The Speed-Lock connection system allows musicians to attach and detach their strap quickly and easily. One end of the connector remains attached to the instrument’s strap pins so that the strap can be quickly snapped into place for a performance or easily removed for storage.

• Sleek design offers comfort and security
• Hi-tech memory foam comfortably conforms to your neck and shoulders
• Antimicrobial material allows moisture to dissipate
• Several connection options, sizes and finishes for a custom look and feel
• Made in the USA

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