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Alvera ACG 220 SG


Alvera ACG 220 SG



Id zboží / Kód:

221527 / ALV-ACG-220-4/4-SG

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Alvera ACG 220 SG

Alvera ACG 220 SG 4/4

The Alvera ACG220 is an affordable classical guitar in 4/4 size. The instrument is characterised by precise workmanship and the use of good quality materials, which is rare in this price class. The guitar is also equipped with a stabilising rod for the neck, thanks to which it is possible to compensate for any deformations either on one's own or with the help of a teacher. The Alvera ACG220 sounds deep and resonant thanks to the combination of spruce on the top plate and mahogany on the sides and back of the soundbox. The neck has a comfortable, traditional profile. This model is ideal for hobbyists and those looking for a first instrument at an affordable price.

Technická specifikace:
Pro praváka / Pro levákaPro praváka
Velikost4/4 (nad 10 let)
Vrchní deskaspruce
Spodní deska / Lubymahogany
Počet stran6
Povrchová úpravavysoký lesk
Hudební stylyklasická hudba

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