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Yamaha HPH 50 WH headphones


Yamaha HPH 50 WH headphones



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217687 / Y-HPH-50WH

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Yamaha HPH 50 WH headphones

Yamaha HPH 50 WH

Yamaha HPH-50 are a classically designed, compact over-ear, quality pair of headphones. Designed with comfort and crystal clear audio in mind, the HPH-50 combines both powerful sound and carefully balanced bass with rich tonality and sharp audio for a listening experience. Intense audio quality alongside a specific swivel mechanism which allows full control and enhances comfort for long-term wear, thanks to the 90 degree turning angle. Minimal designed headband can be altered to accommodate all head shapes and sizes. Included with the headphones is a 6.35 mm jack adapter for those with more powerful hi-fi equipment.


• Dynamic
• Supra-aural
• Closed
• Impedance: 35 Ohm
• Frequency range: 20-20,000 Hz
• Max. input level: 1000 mW
• SPL: 103 dB
• 38 mm Driver
• Two-sided cable management
• 90 Degree turnable joints at the ear cups
• 2 m Cable with 3.5 mm jack and 6.3 mm adapter
• Weight with cable: 133 g
• Color: White

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