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DuraTruss DT-31/2-T35


DuraTruss DT-31/2-T35



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171273 / DT-31/2-T35

Množství na skladu:4 pcs. stav ze dne: 2021-09-27 15:50:20
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DuraTruss DT-31/2-T35

DuraTruss DT 31/2-T35

The DURATRUSS DT31 is a 1-point trussing system, also referred as a "pipe", which is connected to a conical connector, bolt and split pin. The advantage of the quick connector system lies in the fact that it closes force-lockingly with the belt tube and allows rapid assembly during frequent assembly and dismantling. The belt tube of 50 mm aluminum tube with a wall thickness of 2 mm gives this system an excellent weight-bearing capacity ratio.

• Diametrics main pipe: 50mm
• Wall thickness: 2 mm
• Material: Aluminium EN-AW 6082 T6 (AlMgSi1)
• Included in delivery: 2 cone, 4 steel pins, 4 safety clips
• Length: 500mm (without cone)
• Width: 500 mm
• Height: 50 mm
• Angle: 90°
• Weight: 1,1 kg

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