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Fender FXA5 Pro IEM Black sluchátka


Fender FXA5 Pro IEM Black sluchátka



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164425 / FEN-688-3000-001

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email: ics@musicsquare.cz
Fender FXA5 Pro IEM Black sluchátka

Fender FXA5 Pro IEM

Add exceptional performance and clarity to your listening experience with the FXA5 in-ear monitor. Smoothly balanced throughout the entire audio spectrum, these in-ear monitors offer the perfect balance of transparency, ambience reduction and clear headroom for pure, natural sound. Designed and hand-assembled in Nashville, these comfortable low-profile monitors use patented technology for highly detailed sound and robust performance.
The heart of the FXA5 in-ear monitor is a dual balanced armature array that generates transparent audio with a 19Hz-21khz frequency response for punchy bass, rich mids and crisp high end. Highly sensitive, these monitors generate 120dB @1mW for crystal-clear, distortion-free audio with plenty of headroom so you can hear everything clearly, even on loud stages. Ideal for almost any listening situation with 36-ohm +/-10% @1kHz impedance, they can be driven by a smartphone for a premium listening experience. Eliminating up to 22dB of ambient noise, they reduce interference while simultaneously protecting your hearing from the strong transients that can occur in a live environment.
The 3D-printed housing is the result of scanning thousands of ears to create a hybrid custom/universal fit. 3D printing allows the IEM’s curves to better match the natural contours of the ear for a tighter, more comfortable fit than traditional injection molding. The 3D-printed housing fits 95% of ears like a custom-molded monitor and when combined with the cushion-like comfort of secure-fitting tips, they are ideal for long playing sessions. The detachable MMCXi silver-plated, low-oxygen cable offers low signal loss along with square connectors that are easy to grip, even when exposed to moisture. Includes a deluxe carrying case, 1/8” to ¼” adapter, secure-fitting tips assortment for the perfect fit, a cleaning tool and cable.


• Frequency response: 6 Hz - 23 kHz
• Impedance: 16 ohms +/- 10% @ 1kHz
• Sensitivity: 112dB @ 1kHz @ 1mW
• Passive noise reduction 22 dB
• Structure is made using 3D printing
• Cable: detachable cable MMCXi
• Color: Black
• Accessories: carrying case, SureSeal overlay, cleaner, cable

Technická specifikace:
Typ sluchátekdrát
Typ vodičadynamický
Typ sluchátekucho
impedance16 Ω
něha112 dB
Frekvenciatartomány z6 Hz
Frekvenciatartomány na23 kHz
s mikrofonemne
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