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Yamaha b3 E PE piano


Yamaha b3 E PE piano



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140988 / Y-B3E-PE

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Yamaha b3 E PE piano

Yamaha b3

At 121 cm high, the Yamaha b3 is the largest and most tonally rich of the b Series range. It enjoys the additional strength and performance benefits of five back posts, supporting a specially selected, solid spruce soundboard. The b3 offers optimum tonal characteristics within a cost-effective and stable structure.


• Keyboard
Yamaha produces all keyboards in-house. The keys on Yamaha b-series pianos are made from Sitka spruce.

• Action
Yamaha takes advantage of its proprietary technology for drying and gluing maple - the principal material used - to ensure a very precise and long-lasting action. Every single one the 5.500 action components is produced in-house! Machinery developed by Yamaha enables to achieve incredible accuracy. Holes for flanges, for example, are drilled to within 0.05 of a millimeter.

• Soundboard
The b3 models feature a solid spruce soundboard.

• Frame
All b-series frames benefit from Yamaha's unique, advanced V-Pro method. The V-Pro casting technique creates a mold from dry sand held in place by a plastic film and a vacuum.

• Pin Block
Yamaha produces the pin blocks for all b-Series pianos in-house.

• Tuning Pin
Yamaha produces all tuning pins in-house. Yamaha tuning pins are made of high strength special steel enabling them to withstand the high tension of the strings. All Yamaha tuning pins are nickel plated to protect them from corrosion.

• Back Posts
b-Series back posts, made by Yamaha, are fitted with two additional angular posts.

• Bridges
All b-series bridges are made by Yamaha. Beech hardwood assures strength, stability and optimises tone. The bridges are designed to transmit perfectly the vibrations of each string.

• Strings
The music wires (steel) used in the Yamaha Indonesia facility are sourced from a trusted, specialist Japanese supplier.

• Hammer
Yamaha is one of the very few piano manufacturers to produces its own hammers. Carefully selected materials and specialised, Yamaha-developed machinery, is employed to craft hammers of the highest quality.

• 88 keys, 3 pedals (centre pedal: muffler)
• Height: 121 cm (47 1/2”)
• Width: 152 cm (60”)
• Depth: 61 cm (24”)
• Weight: 237 kg (521 lbs)

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