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Casio GP 310 WE


Casio GP 310 WE



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220620 / CAS-GP-310-WE

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Casio GP 310 WE

Casio GP 310 WE

CELVIANO Grand Hybrid reproduces even subtle nuances of the world’s most respected pianos. Three pianos that originate in Berlin, Hamburg and Vienna were chosen for this project. Casio has painstakingly researched and analyzed the unique characteristics of each piano. CELVIANO Grand Hybrid delivers brilliant sound of these pianos reproduced with Casio’s advanced technology. It will provide the experience of owning three of the finest pianos on earth.

Berlin [ Berlin Grand ]

A balanced, elegant sound. Ideal for playing impressionistic music. Notable for its clear, ringing tone across the entire range.

Hamburg [ Hamburg Grand ]

A brilliant, rich sound. Loved by pianists for its wide range of expression. Well suited for various playing styles and genres.

Vienna [ Vienna Grand ]

Noted for its impressive low range. Great for both soft and vigorous playing with its warm tone. An ideal instrument for music from the classical period.

Resonance System

The various types of resonance in a grand piano are crucial to the playing experience. The CELVIANO Grand Hybrid incorporates String Resonance, which exposes the harmonic relationships between various strings when keys are struck. Also Damper Resonance reproduces the resonance occurring when a damper pedal is pressed. Casio’s Resonance System reproduces the resonance of both the strings and sound board of a grand piano by selecting, controlling and synthesizing according to performance conditions.

Action Sound System

A grand piano also generates several types of mechanical sounds, which are an important part of the playing experience. Casio has sought to provide a more realistic simulation by reproducing the sounds of these mechanisms. Three types of operating sounds are included, and the volume of each can be set independently or turned off.

Key Off Simulator

The lengths of the lingering sounds produced by a grand piano vary depending on the speed at which players release their fingers after pressing the keys. In a similar fashion, Casio’s Key Off Simulator controls the length of these sounds based on the key’s release speed and delivers a natural decay of the sound. This enables players to express delicate nuances when playing staccato and legato.

Hammer Response

The timing of a grand piano’s sound varies subtly depending on which keys are being played, even when the keys are struck with the same force. To achieve optimal authenticity, Casio has installed appropriate settings for each of the three grand piano tones. The sound production timing can also be adjusted to suit the player.

Grand Pedal System

By continuously sensing and detecting the position of the damper pedal, Casio’s Grand Pedal System enables fine-tuning of the damping volume and note length depending on the degree of pedal depression. In addition, the Half Pedal Position function permits adjustment of the depression position at which the damping effect comes into play according to the player’s preference. For performances which utilize the soft pedal, the change in volume and characteristics of sound is extremely natural where the player can enjoy a wide range of expression when playing softly.


• Developed in cooperation with C. Bechstein
• Natural grand hammer action
• AiR Grand Sound Source Sound generation
• 88 Keys
• Three famous piano sounds in one instrument
• 26 Timbres
• 256-Voice polyphony
• Audio recording/playback
• 6 Demo songs
• Concert play function
• Layer, split and duet function
• Chorus
• Brilliance
• Volume sync equalizer
• Reverb simulator
• Damper resonance
• String resonance
• Lid simulator
• Transposer
• Metronome
• 3 Pedals
• LCD with backlight
• Speaker: 2x 30 W + 2x 20 W
• 2 Headphone jacks
• USB to host
• USB to device
• Line in: Left/right
• Line out: Left/right
• MIDI In/Out
• Dimensions including stand (W x D x H): 1434 x 489 x 963 mm
• Weight: 78.5 kg
• Color: White
• Includes music book, music holder and power supply unit

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