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Yamaha HPH-MT5W


Yamaha HPH-MT5W



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194606 / Y-HPH-MT5-W

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Yamaha HPH-MT5W

Yamaha HPH-MT5W

Whether you’re recording in a professional studio, putting the finishing touches on a live mix, or simply listening to your music collection at home, your headphones serve a singular purpose of delivering the best possible reproduction of the source audio. Every aspect of the MT series design, from component and material selection to connectivity and overall fit, pays strict attention to achieving the highest possible levels of fidelity and the comfort required to focus on your sound. With a lineup of three models-the MT8, MT7, and mt5-the series offers a variety of features suited to a range of monitoring environments, with one ultimate objective... accuracy


• Suitable for studios, for music production and for listening to music
• Three-dimensional adjustable arm construction
• Sturdy ABS protective cover as well as aluminum die-cast support arms
• Removable ear cups allow for one-ear monitoring
• Circumaural
• Closed
• Impedance: 51 Ohm
• Frequency response: 20 - 20000 Hz
• Rated power: 1600 mW
• SPL: 100 dB / mW
• 40 mm CCAW voice coil driver
• Sided cable routing
• Faux leather
• 3 m straight cable with 3.5 mm jack and 6.3 mm adapter
• Weight with cable: 250 g
• Colour: Black / White
• Includes pouch

Technická specifikace:
Typ sluchátekdrát
Typ vodičadynamický
Typ sluchátekwokółuszne zamknięte
impedance51 Ω
něha100 dB
Frekvenciatartomány z20 Hz
Frekvenciatartomány na20 kHz
s mikrofonemne
Odpojený kabelano
Délka kabelu3 m
Závaží245 g

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