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Fender Blackout Barstool 24″


Fender Blackout Barstool 24″



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Fender Blackout Barstool 24″

Fender Blackout Barstool

Proper posture is a key element to a productive practice session. Chair arms can force you to contort uncomfortably to keep your instrument in its natural playing position while restricting your ability to move along the neck freely and forcing you into a back-killing hunched playing position. This barstool offers a stable support for your back, while working your core muscles and ensuring you have unhindered access to the entire instrument. The powder-coated base and embossed Fender logo on the seat make it look great in any decor.


• 24” or 30" high barstool
• Black powder-coated base
• Embossed Fender logo
• Ideal for practice or jam sessions
• 360-degree swivel

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