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Ars Music 024A


Ars Music 024A


Akord Kvint

Id zboží / Kód:

191229 / ARS-MUS-24A-4/4

Množství na skladu:1 pcs. stav ze dne: 2023-06-05 18:00:25
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Ars Music 024A

Akord Kvint Ars Music 024A

Model 024A is an instrument for both beginners and advanced musicians. Varnished in light brown with a slightly flamed back, with a Teller Germany base * and Pirastro Piranito strings. This instrument combines superb Czech workmanship with the use of the finest wood, other materials and accessories supplied exclusively from respected suppliers.

All models have a spruce top, maple back, sides and neck, ebony fingerboard, pegs and button, and a Wittner tailpiece with integrated microsteps, as well as maple purfling and lime facings. Finished with water-based stain, aniline dyes, water-based primer varnish and finally spirit varnish for a high gloss finish.


• Size: 4/4
• Material of upper board: spruce
• Material of lower board, sides and neck: maple
• Material for inner side coverings: linden
• Fretboard, pegs and button: ebony
• Purflingers: maple
• Original Wittner tailpiece with four integrated microsteps
• Base: Teller Germany *
• Medium hardness strings: Pirastro Piranito

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