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Meinl Percussion CPB3


Meinl Percussion CPB3



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162483 / MEINL-CPB3

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Adam Kaczarewski, tel. +42 0234261768,
email: [email protected]
Meinl Percussion CPB3

Meinl CPB3 Cajon Beater

The MEINL Brush Cajon & Bass Drum Beater takes the ever-popular design of the MEINL Classic Cajon Brush and fuses it with the MEINL Cajon Bass Drum Beater. This is an excellent addition to any cajon set up with its mellow attack and full bass spread. Easily mountable with the MEINL Cajon Pedal or any common bass drum pedal.

• Extra thick set of wavy polymer bristles
• Two adjustable control rings
• Delivers heavy, full strokes with a warm, slightly mellow attack
• Fits any common bass drum pedal and the MEINL cajon pedal
• Rippled polymer bristles
• Black

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