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Fzone PT 01


Fzone PT 01



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154029 / FZONE-PT01

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Fzone PT 01

Fzone PT 01

Buying a guitar tuner pedal may never be the most exciting purchase for your pedal board but it's certainly the most essential. Whether it's amongst your vast array of effects, on the bedroom floor or living in your studio, this is one thing you can't get by without. It won't make you play faster, or turn you into a rockstar....but you will have the most important thing....you'll be in tune!

• Auto chromatic tuner pedal suitable for guitar, bass and other instruments
• Rugged die-cast construction
• Clear LCD display readout - easy to see in the dark
• True bypass - won't affect your tone
• Supplied with 9v batter and instructions
• Can also be powered by optional adaptor ( not supplied)

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