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Fender FCT-2 Pro Color Clip On


Fender FCT-2 Pro Color Clip On



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169895 / FEN-023-9979-000

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Fender FCT-2 Pro Color Clip On

Fender FCT-2 Pro Color Clip On

Convenient and unobtrusive, the FCT-2 multi-function clip-on tuner helps ensure your instrument is always in tune, even on dark stages. It handles noisy environments with ease thanks to its built-in vibration sensor. The color LCD display’s easy-to-read needle indicates how close to pitch each note is, and moves to the center of the display once the note is in tune. The FCT-2’s dual-hinge design allows you to mount the tuner on either side of your instrument’s headstock.

• Tuning Mode: Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele
• Tuning Range: B0 – B7
• A4 Calibration: 440 Hz
• Tuning Type: Automatic Clip-On Tuner
• Tolerance: +/- 1 cent
• Power: 3V CR2032 battery (one piece)
• Accessories: Manual, CR2032 battery (one piece)

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