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Acousta Grip S501


Acousta Grip S501


Acousta Grip

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157911 / GEWA-433280

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Acousta Grip S501

Acousta Grip S501 Soloist

The AcoustaGrip Shoulder Rest offers a unique solution to a problem that nearly every violinist has faced. With AcoustaGrip, you can have the secure grip of a traditional shoulder rest without resigning yourself to the constant discomfort and restricted movement. Long practice sessions can be the joy that they were meant to be. You can focus all of your attention on honing your technique and playing more expressively without being distracted by the constant physical pain that all too often accompanies playing with a traditional shoulder rest. The 3-layer AcoustaGrip Soloist has all of the features of the Concert Master listed above. The 3rd layer combines with the first two layers to deliver added projection, more brilliant sound and added comfort. The 3rd White layer is made of acoustical material of a different density and responsiveness and it allows the Soloist to created increased resonance and the maximum overtones that a Violin or Viola can produce.

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