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Yamaha HS8 S aktivní subwoofer


Yamaha HS8 S aktivní subwoofer



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146328 / Y-HS-8-S

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Yamaha HS8 S aktivní subwoofer

Yamaha HS8S

The Yamaha HS8S is an 8" bass-reflex powered subwoofer that is the ideal low-end support for the HS-Series monitors. The Yamaha HS-Series have the inherited universal mix-translation legacy and distinctive white cones of the industry-respected NS-10's, designed to deliver your mixes with transparent honesty. Room control and frequency response switches allow custom tailoring of the monitor's response to give you accurate performance in any environment.
The elegant white-cone speakers used in the HS-series monitors deliver superlative audio performance that is further enhanced by a carefully engineered mounting system. A system of screws and a specially designed mounting ring eliminates spurious vibration and resonance, allowing the speaker to deliver its full sonic potential. Another feature that boosts woofer performance is a magnet selected to produce accurate, solid low-end response. The tweeter frames employ an advanced smooth-contour design that minimizes losses so that high-frequency details come through with remarkable accuracy. The extra thickness of the tweeter frame also minimizes resonance that can interfere with high-end clarity. The overall result is extraordinarily smooth, accurate response throughout the audio spectrum.


• 8" bass-reflex powered subwoofer delivers low frequencies down to 22Hz
• 22Hz - 150Hz frequency response
• High-power 150W amplifier exclusively designed for low frequencies
• LOW CUT switch, LOW CUT control (80-120Hz) HIGH CUT control (80-120 Hz)
• PHASE switch allow users to set up a subwoofer system with simple connections and no additional equipment


• Speaker type: Powered subwoofer
• Frequency range (-10dB): 22Hz - 160Hz
• Components: LF 8" cone
• Output power: 150W
• I/O connectors: INPUT: XLR3-31 type (balanced) x2, PHONE (balanced) x2 / OUTPUT: XLR3-32 type (balanced) x2 (L&R), XLR3-32 type (balanced) x1 (EXT SUB)
• Power consumption: 70W
• Shape: Bass-reflex type
• Cabinet material: MDF
• Dimensions:
- W: 300mm (11.8")
- H: 350mm (13.8")
- D: 389mm (15.3")
• Net weight: 12.5kg (27.6 lbs.)
• LEVEL control, PHASE switch : NORM./REV., HIGH CUT control (80-120Hz, center click), LOW CUT control (80-120Hz, center click), LOW CUT switch (ON/OFF)

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