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ADAM Audio A7X aktivní monitor


ADAM Audio A7X aktivní monitor


ADAM Audio

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133446 / ADAM-A7X

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ADAM Audio A7X aktivní monitor

ADAM Audio A7X
The predecessor to the A7X, the A7, became the most famous of all ADAM monitors in a very short time. With the A7X, ADAM Audio proudly presents the evolution of a legend. It takes everything The ‘X’ stands for ‘eXtended frequency response’ and thus for one of the features of the Accelerating Ribbon Technology that has been drastically improved: It now extends all the way up to 50kHz. In addition, the X-ART tweeter has a higher efficiency and higher maximum sound pressure levels.
The perfect integration with the lower frequencies has been achieved with a newly designed 7” midwoofer. It has been redesigned with a much bigger voice coil (1.5”) and is driven by an amplifier with twice the power compared to its predecessor. This combination produces an amazing sound and pressure levels with an almost distortion-free musical reproduction.
On the rear panel are several additional controls: a gain for the high frequencies (± 4dB) and two shelf filters for high and low frequencies.

• Active monitor
• Amplifier:
- Amp. power RMS / music: 100 W / 150 W
- Amp. power RMS / music: 50 W / 75 W
• Frequency response: 42Hz - 50kHz
• THD 90dB/1m > 100 Hz: <0,5%
• Max. peak: 114 dB
• Crossover frequencies: 2500Hz
• Input impedance: 30k Ohm
• Speakers:
- Basket Ø: 175mm (cone material: Rohacell, Carbon/Rohacell/Glass Fiber)
- Tweeter: 2" X-Art
• Input: Analog: XLR / RCA
• Size: 337x201x280mm
• Weight: 9,2kg
• Colour: black

Technická specifikace:
Basový reproduktor7 "
Výkon zesilovače (RMS)150 W
Maximální SPL114 dB
Frekvenční rozsah od42 Hz
Frekvenční rozsah až50 kHz
Procesor DSPne
Ruční korekce frekvenceano
Analogový XLR vstupano
Vstup analogového jackune
Analogový RCA vstupano
Hmotnost9.3 kilogram
rozměry201 x 337 x 280 mm

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